What are the benefits of this choice?

  1. You and your family will have the joy of loving and caring for your child.

  2. You will know the blessing of unconditional love from your baby.

  3. You will experience love for another human being you have never felt or known in your lifetime.

  4. You will learn and be stretched to become the responsible adult you are capable of becoming.

  5. You will know you have chosen to give your baby a chance at life and all the wonderful things that come with living.

What are the challenges of this decision?

  1. You will be financially responsible for taking care of your child.

  2. You will have to change some of your priorities so that your child will be properly cared for.

  3. You will need to learn how to be a parent that teaches your child that he/she has value.

  4. You will be responsible for the medical care of your child.