What are the benefits of adoption?

  1. Your baby will live.

  2. Your baby will be loved and cared for by a couple that will deeply provide for him/her.

  3. Your baby will get to see you and know you (if you choose open adoption) and understand that at the time you did the best you could. You saved his/her life for a chance at happiness.

  4. You will be nurtured through the process of giving your child up for adoption to parents who can give him/her the best of care.

  5. You can celebrate your baby's birthday.

  6. You can watch your baby grow to be an adult. You can experience the joy of grandparenthood some day.

  7. You will give your baby the opportunity to make good choices, have a good life and feel loved.

What are the challenges of adoption? 

  1. You may feel depression after giving your baby up for adoption. (There is support available for this normal feeling after making this choice)

  2. You will have to carry the baby to term. (Often the medical expense for the birthing of your baby will be paid for by the adopting parents)

  3. There will be times when you will wonder if you made the right choice.