25 Years of Compassion

The Pregnancy Center has been honored to be a beacon of light in the communities of The Big Island of Hawaii. It is our deliberate purpose to help anyone walking through our doors discover their options and to honestly listen to the stories of our clients.

The Pregnancy Center is a confidential mission which protects the clients information and shares hope and joy through various means of education and mentorship.

The Pregnancy Center is a 501 C 3 Non-Profit community mission for the Big Island of Hawaii. Our volunteers are not paid and we have minimal employees.

The Pregnancy Center serves men and women through pregnancy and beyond. We know the father and the mother of a baby both share common and even unique responsibilities and we are here in the community for both. We do not perform or refer for abortion services. 

To help women and men explore their options and empower them to make informed choices.

To educate, encourage, and equip people to understand the sacredness of human life, the soundness of sexual purity, and the value of the family.

Putting compassion for LIFE into action.


*Pregnancy Tests
*Ultrasound Exams
*Child Birth Classes
*Journaling Classes
*Sewing Classes
*Earn While You Learn Program (Learn about pregnancy, parenting, healthy relationships)