What are the risks?

  1. Scarring of the Uterine Lining: Suction tubing, curettes and other abortion instruments may cause permanent scarring of the uterine lining.

  2. Perforation of the Uterus: The uterus may be punctured or torn by abortion instruments. The risk of this complication increases with the length of the pregnancy. If this occurs, major surgery, including a hysterectomy, may be required.

  3. Damage to Internal Organs: When the uterus is punctured or torn, there is also a risk that damage will occur to nearby organs such as the bowel or bladder.

  4. Death: In extreme cases other physical complications from abortion including excessive bleeding, infection, organ damage from a perforated uterus, and adverse reaction to anesthesia may lead to death. This complication is very rare and occurs, on average, in less than 20 cases per year.

  5. Psychological Trauma: Post Abortion Syndrome is a reality in our society. Many women and men who have participated in abortion later regret that decision. Depression, nightmares, relational brokenness and substance abuse are just a few of the possible consequences of having an abortion for both men and women.